Print Management

Keep your existing fleet and still manage your costs

All too often we hear that our larger customers are approached with a view to them entering into a photocopier contract. While this might be the right solution for some it can result in a loss of flexibility, and sometimes does not represent best value.

PS.connect is a secure, software based printer management solution designed to save time and money. Working with your existing printers, it collects toner levels, meters and alerts (no personal data or job contents.) It puts you in control of your printer fleet.

  • Forecast consumable supply requirement
  • Consolidate supply delivery
  • Track running costs and efficiency
  • Track performance and breakdowns
  • Manage printer locations for optimum performance
  • Manage depreciation


Are you looking at a per page contract?  You might end up being charged twice as much as you think!  Most are calculated on a 5% coverage basis.  But if you only use 3% per page you will be paying for 40% more toner than you use.  Plus any blank pages that are run through the printer you will get charged for too.

At PSL we believe in total transparency and contract options which genuinely charge for exactly what you use! Why not take advantage of our free print audit and report before you commit to any contract?


Practice Supplies Ltd give an excellent service - goods received by return of post - prices nearly half of what we were previously paying. Very pleased with our experience so far.

Kerrin Williams
Finance Manager

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